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I ovulated 3 days before I had unprotected sex. He pulled out, but I know he precame before he was in me, and while. I thought I started my period later that same day because I started bleeding, but it was very light bleeding, then the next day I stopped. So i'm not sure if this is just an unusual period, or if I'm pregnant. This was only 4 days ago, so it's probably to early to tell. Like I said, I stopped bleeding, so I dont know if that was my period or not. But now I have completely stopped bleeding but still have some syptoms like nausea, dizziness, mild cramping and I'm irritable and craving chocolate like no other! So i'm not exactly sure what's going on. I've been pregnant before but with that pregnancy I didnt know until about 6/7 weeks. I didnt have any symptoms at all. But like we always hear, every pregnancy is different, so i'm a bit concerned. Please help!


There's always a chance but I think it not likely. A couple of things...

The egg is only viable for about 48 hours after ovulation. If you ovulated 3 days prior to sex, it was likely not viable.

Precum, if he hasn't yet ejaculated, is considered not to contain sperm.

It would have been very early for any implantation bleeding.

It is too early to tell. Wait until your period is due, at the earliest, to test. Even then, the home tests are not very reliable. If you don't have your period or if it is "different" then test using your first morning urine. It is more concentrated so more likely to show an earlier positive.

False negatives are common testing early. False positives are not.

Hope it helps.