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i just want some insight here. i have been sexually active unprotected for 5 years, and never gotten pregnant before, my periods are always normal but are usually very crampy, i know when its coming and i know when i am ovulating because i get cramps. one things i never do is have intercourse when i have my period but i did 3 times the past month. now its a few weeks later and i am due for my period in 10 days, ive had minor abdominal cramping which isnt usually normal after i ovulate until like 2 days before myperiod and also been a little naseau and tired. any chance i could be pregnant, want to know everyones opinion!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)


Hi Guest,

You can have sex, just before or during your period and you'd be unlikely to get pregnant.  It's all in the timing.

Day 1 is when your period starts.  Normally, you will ovulate sometime between days 11 and 16.  48 hours after ovulation the egg is no longer viable.  About 10 days later you have your period.

Sperm can survive for about 5 days.  So having sex at the end of your period there is a chance.

Anyways, cramps could indicate implantation is occurring.  You may notice implantation bleeding the week before your period is due.  It is normally very light, spotting.  No pad would be needed.  You can also have tender breasts but these are not always specific to pregnancy.  The best sign is you not getting your period, although you can still have some bleeding.

Take a home test to confirm.  You can test as soon as 2 weeks after having sex.  Use your first morning urine for best accuracy.

Good luck.