Its been over 9 days today (14th) since my first symptoms of mild fever (99-101), and achy. Restless, fatiguey legs. I thought I was getting better when after 6 days I came home from work and got the chills and got very hot like the first day of my symptoms. The one thing that bothers me the most are my legs. They are achy and fatigue feeling and extremely restless. I do not have a headache, and no respitory or digestive symptoms whatsoever, no swollen glands or sore throat. Just severely achy legs and occasional fever and general sick feeling at times.

The doctor prescribed me cipro on my second day of symptoms seeing as it was a weekend and he didn't want to take any chances of it being bacterial. However since then my blood, urine and chest x-ray has all come back normal and he now believes it to be viral. I have 3 days left of the cipro 500 xr (from a 10 day supply) and it has been no help at all as I still feel like c**p. Is it possible I just have to continue waiting for my body to fight this germ off and I will then feel better? And is unusual for a virus to take for than 10 days or more to go away? I am generally one in good health and never sick, male 39 years old. My doctor says to come back in another week if I am not better, meanwhile I am suffering pretty bad the only thing helping really is advill 600 mgs at a time every 6 hours as per the doc. I am thinking also of not taking the rest of the Cipro as i have heard it may worsen viral infections. Any thoughts, suggestions are appreciated!