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For the past few months I have been suffering from fatigue and weakness. I can't get enough sleep and I have trouble concentrating at work. I also have a constant mild sore throat, and a numb feeling on the tip of my tongue. I'm only worried about the sore throat/ tongue if it's related to the fatigue.

I've been to the doctor and he has done several tests, including tests for diabetes, liver, kidneys, thyroid, and other standard stuff that I can't remember. They all came back negative.

I have a small lump in my lower back which is near an infected hair follicle that I had drained 2 years ago (by a different doctor). I informed my doctor of this lump. He felt it and wasn't concerned. My question is this: If the lump is an infected hair follicle, can it cause my fatigue, weakness, sore throat, etc? If so, I will ask my doctor to readdress the lump.

The lump is tender to the touch, and the muscles around the lump in my hip and butt feel sore. Once in a while I feel like someone has injected a warm liquid under my skin beneath the lump. I can feel it trickle into my butt.

If this can't be the cause of my overall fatigue, let me know.




An infection can quickly cause your body to react in a way that mimics being sick. If you have a sensitive immune system it is entirely possible that it is responding to your infection.


yes. Absolutely. The Adrenal glands secrete cortisol which is an anti-inflammatory. Having a chronic low grade inflamation, in addition to normal life stresses, can fatigue sensitive adrenals. Eat well, get lots or rest, light excercise everyday, and AVOID STRESS...get that boil taken care of...and you should be back to your old self soon.