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My wife has developed Cold Hands which feels like ice. In summer and in winter, it has also brought on chillbrains on her toes. She is 77yrs - 69 kgs - reasonable health. Has slight enlargement of the thyroids and heart palpitations. Has had and angiogram- slight plaque not warranting a stent, has had a 48 hr heart monitor, carotid artery scan and an echo cardiograph. Specialists keep saying that there
is nothing wrong ???
What is your answer for the cold hands !!



I am doing a cleanse for them and can't believe how much better I feel. Does your wife feel fatigued? Maybe has a little muscle discomfort, or even arthritis. These little critters wreak havoc on the body, even effecting hormone balance and vitamine levels. I am not a doctor, but this has been misdiagnosed a lot!

Have you considered this?

Parasites: Much more common than you would expect, parasites are not limited to 3rd world countries only. They frequently affect people in 1st world nations such as the USA. They feed on the nutrition that should enter into your cells, causing a mal-absorption syndrome which very commonly mimics anemia and conditions where the body feels cold and as though it's malnourished. Most tests for parasites are in-effective and doctors when asked about them will for the most part only laugh, but it's no coincidence that so many people when they do a thorough parasite cleanse feel 10 times better and symptoms such as chronic cold hands just disappears. This is the website I got this info on:

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