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went to ER for chest pain they sid to F/U with GP all test done was normal. GP stated i have abnormal Stress-EKG and slightly-abnormal ECG. all problems start from left chest on tests, left ventricle. since then i had increase cramping in core for no reason and worsening chest pain. i do alot of cardio, riding bike for commuting, 2+ hours/ 15+ miles. doctor says to stop it. when at rest i also have poor circulation when not moving arms and/or legs. just had ECHO, waiting on results. all of this is new. only 23 male. body is also slowing down, weakness and lesser durability. friends joke around saying i skipped over my mdiidle years and became old (the way i reacting to pain/symptoms) ANY ADVICE, IDEAS???


did you ever figure out what it was/what to do. Similar, only 22.