Hi im 23 and like 6 months ago i was being really stupid and am aware of thst but i took a whole bottle if tobitussin liquid gells when that started to wear iff i took 20 benadryl i ended up in the hospital with dylerium but didnt tell them i took anything my heart started racing in the hospital thry gave me something to lower my heart rate... i went home and have been to tge er at least 8 times now have seen the cardiologist had a holter monitor and an echo done all they can say is i have tachy well my pulse is barely there half the time and i have severe shooting chest pains that randomly happen and last a few seconds i can feel my heart palpitating and my veins havw neen bulging i have been really burpy andmy vision goes blurry when i feel my pulse it just feels so off i am 3 months pregnant now and scared for whats going on does anyone have any ideas.. also the vein in my hand just burst yesterday causing a bruise i didnt touch ot and the lastt 2 days ive have eye pains and headaches