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My name is Matt and I'm a 19 year old teenager. Since I was 15 years old I have had problems with my heart. When I was 15 I was at band camp and was standing up doing a drum lineup when I suddenly felt my heart skip beats and go really fast. It freaked me out and I had to sit down. I didn't tell anyone cause I was afraid to make a scene and it continued all week and worrying made it worse. Finally we came home and I was better but it still was fast so I told my mother who sent me to a cardiologist. There I had an echo, ekg, and blood work done. All came back normal except they thought I had Mitral Valve Prolapse but VERY MINIMAL. So I was told nothing and they let me go. Then when I came to college 2 years later I went to the ER when I was having fast heart rate with chest pains. I was given a normal and everything was fine but given a 24 hour holter moniter and a 30 day one. Both were normal except for tachycardia. The cardiologist I was referred to at college gave me Beta Blocker and told me there was no reason to come back. Then this summer it still was happening so I went to another cardiologist and this one told me that I was fine but he'd like to repeat all my tests. All came back normal except for a new test. My Signal Averaged ECG and he forwarded it to an EP. The EP told him to check for ARVD and Marvin's Syndrome. I recently had an MRI which came back completely normal and was examined for Marvin's Syndrome which was completely normal. Since then I got my medical records from the hospital and looked at them and when I was told I was fine all my EKG taken there all came back abormal on them over a span of 3 visits in 2 years. They read as follows

10 Jan 2006:
Vent Rate: 95 bpm PR interval: 150 ms QRS Duration: 104 ms
QT/QTc: 344/432 ms P-R-T axes: 71 -13 76

Normal Sinus rhythm; Possible Left atrial enlargement, ST abnormality, possible digitalis effect; Abnormal ECG

1 Dec 2006
Vent Rate: 78 bpm PR interval: 154 ms QRS Duration: 118 ms
QT/QTc: 370/421 ms P-R-T axes: 77 -25 77

Normal sinus rhythm; Possible Left atrial enlargement; Incomplete right bundle branch block; (this was blacked out by a line) Cannot rule out Inferior infarct, age undetermined; Abnormal ECG

5 Feb 2007
Vent Rate: 73 bpm PR interval: 146 ms QRS Duration: 100 ms
QT/QTc: 354/389 ms P-R-T axes: 56 -9 95

Normal sinus rhythm; Incomplete right bundle branch block; (this was blacked out by a line and an arrow pointing to it saying "deleted") ST & T wave abnormality, consider lateral ischemia; Abnormal ECG

So with all of this what should I be worried about? What does my abnormal Signal Averaged ECG and my 3 abnormal ECGs mean???

I still have a fast heart rate and still take my Metoprolol. I also get dizzy, faint, and stressed out often


Dear Matt,
You might need an EPS study, ablation....they cauterize extra electrical circuits your heart sets up, which compete in beats with the normal area. I have had this procedure and 2 of my friends, some of them young. You can pass out, have a rate over 200 just sitting reading a book, etc. or skip beats. You need a Holter Monitor test for one month to catch these symptoms, and to be checked by a cariologist who specializes in tachycardia and rhythm problems. Dr. Rodrigues (z) in Kirkland, WA near Seattle is one specialist. There are different kinds, like atrial or ventricular it needs to be identified. Simple to fix really, not a surgery but a procedure. Hope this helps.


Hey Matt, Just an FYI I have QT syndrome and while you don't have that I was taking Metoprolol it is the generic form of Toprol XL for some reason I was fainting and having issues and the pharmacist told me to ask for the name brand perscription because sometimes the generic is as good but does it differently. I switched back to the name brand that I had taken for three years and the problems stopped. Might be your issue and not your heart.