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47yr old female with 2nd bout of chest/throat flutters in 5 yrs. Dr. say anxiety or acid reflux. EKG was fine. Rx prilosec taken 1 wk so far. No improvements. I wk nites and do not get proper rest. Also diagnosed with High Blood Pressure last year. Taking Amlodopine and Hydrochloriziade. Other wise healthy. Exercise reguarly, runs, eats healthy. Worried that this problem may be more than anxiety or acid reflux. Should I see Cardiologist, Gastrointerologist or what. Is there anyone else out there who can relate?


You'll want to see a cardiologist. A flutter is not always seen on a EKG unless it is happening constantly. They can do an echocardiagram, ECG, (not the same as an EKG) which allows them to view the blood pumping through the chambers in you heart to check for a valve abnormality. Make sure they do the one "in color", I forget the name of it. Also, they can do a 24 Holter monitor so when you feel the flutters you can record the time by pressing a button the the monitoring device. I get "heart flutters". I feel them in my chest/heart and sometimes at the bottom of my throat where my collar bones meet. It runs in my family and is "normal" for me. Mostly I just have to avoid excessive caffeine and getting overheated. I also cannot take decongestants as they are a trigger.

Do you drink a lot of caffeine - coffee, tea, caffinated sodas, energy drinks? Do you frequently take decongestants? Or it really could be anxiety!

Also, check the side effects listed for any medications you take. That could be the culprit.