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It first started like two years ago maybe longer I would suddenly feel cold shivers my fingers will go cold like an elders, my heart starts pumping harder or i just feel it more, and after a bit if I'm up moving around I get shaky lightheaded and dizzy, and would sometimes my vision would go blurry. This would happen time to time.
Now I'm 20yr female and still having the same problem but much worse now I feel cold all the time, and I feel weak no more energy you may say. when I get dizzy I can no longer walk to a place to sit, I must sit on the floor promptly and or my vision will go to black and I will not be able to see and I faint my legs go limp and fall.
Not sure if it's related when I feel my heart beat faster I get nervous short of breath like a panting feeling.
:idea: Not sure if it's related but I seem to have a lose of appetite: Hungry I want to eat, but thinking of eating makes me nausea. I can eat but only small portions I would eat more you could say I gorged food, I've lost some weight.

Any related replay or reason will be welcome thank you.


You may have symptoms of low blood glucose, low blood pressure and anemia. You can check the first two conditions yourself with a blood glucose monitor and a blood pressure monitor. A simple blood test at the doctor's office will tell you if you are anemic or not. A common contributing factor of these symptoms among young women is eating disorder such as anorexia. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause these symptoms. You need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Your life may depend on it.