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i started duromine 30mg on 25/11/15. was a very good first month, lost around 8kg. had soooo much energy and no cravings at all. I stopped drinking alcohol completely for that month and i was constantly in a good mood & very optimistic. 

on christmas my prescription changed to the 40mg and could definitely feel a difference, specifically more teeth chattering, bigger pupils, even happier moods. 

im living at home with my parents currently (18 y/o recently graduated high school) and i had my brother, sister and a few cousins come to visit. i think it was some time around this point (maybe a little before) when i started experiencing the worst depressions i've ever felt, kind of started to feel like the duromine had stopped working (wasnt feeling as energetic & no loss of appetite & my skin was starting to clear up) which made me even more depressed. i had (and am still having) the worst mood swings, ive started to not sleep that much (first 40 days of prescription i had no problem sleeping at any time), i spend a lot of my day crying and when i stop to think of why there is literally no reason?  one of the first days, i had kind of a psychotic episode- nothing had happened and i went absolutely nuts, ive never been like that before. i felt like i had two voices in my head, one of them was saying CALM DOWN and there was another that was making me crazy. i broke so much stuff that is really important to me and i couldn't ever have imagined myself doing that.  i had to get my mum to hide a lot of my things because i feel like i dont even know myself anymore (didnt tell her that obviously) 

its made me feel super isolated, to a point where i feel like i could move away and never see anyone again and i would be ok with that.

ive felt depressed before and sometimes suicidal, but nothing like this...

please help me,is this the duromine? i feel like im going crazy.. i feel things crawling on my body when there is nothing there? i hear things when im alone and every day i get some of the weirdest/ worst thoughts, im not sure how i even think of them, but i do. 

someone please get back to me.


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