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My GP is being really unhelpful, & has a 'its not serious, its not a problem' attitude.
I had the implanon birth control implant in June, had 3 periods, regular as clockwork July, August & September (mid month). Its now December and I have not seen my monthly friend, and I have done countless pregnancy tests, all being negative.
I have been asking my GP to please look into it, as he keeps saying I'm not pregnant. He arranged 1 set of blood tests, and the response was 'no problems'. No other diagnosis, just advice to regularly do a pegnancy test, as with no period it can be hard to tell if I get pregnant (sorry, but pregnancy tests arn't cheap mate).
I'm not suffering any pain, but would like to get pregnant, any advice would be great, if anyone has been through similar, or have any idea if its the birth control to blame, or is there something I've missed, similar to a phantom pregnancy or endometriosis (dr says it wouldn't be that, no point testing) or am I over-reacting, should I just wait until it works itsself out or demand my Dr take me more seriously & do more tests?


He sounds like an ass you should certainly tel him to take you more seriously. If that dont work sign up with a different practice Hope this Helps and good luck