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Hi guys abit of a background
Im 18years & 10months and two/three months ago i was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries.

          LEFT SIDE: 17

March 27th of this year i had a 24wk gestation stillborn, Phoebe rose my daughter.
My periods are as such: June 16th - June 21st (Then i had cramps in lower stomach, runny stools, headaches & exhausted easy 2days)
                                   July - NO PERIOD
                                   August 12th - August 17th (i did have sex during my period - but it was VERY light 1pad a day)

My cervix is currently high, soft & my partner could press into easy. I have a clear/white liquid/discharge whatever you call it.
Im meant to be on levlen (the pill) to help my PCOS but i always forget them or take at wrong time.
                                 Thursday - Not taken
                                 Friday - about 7pm
                                 Saturday - Not taken (I had sex 6 times - same guy lol my fiance)
                                 Sunday - Not taken.

My doctor said i am still fertile but im curious: 
1. Does it sound like im ovulating?
2. Could i be pregnant now?
3. Do i have to take the pill everyday on the dot, just to help my PCOS & hormones? Or can i take at random times &/or skip a day.
4. Because i have PCOS will i need to have a hysterectomy in the future?

Id be happy to have another baby & i was ready for my daughter at 20weeks, so im ready for my next one.

Im not trying to be stupid so it would be nice if i dont get Judgemental Prickles being mean/rude towards me.


that might e signs of pregnancy