Hello every one, we are really really worried about our baby which 3 yrs old. The date of 12th August 2013, Typhoid has attacked her and taken no. of 14 injections as a course line. After couple of weeks she again felt some fever and doc said some virus attack and some antibiotic had taken. Last week the date of 19th September 2013 and night fever had come with high tempter 105 or 105.5 degree C. and we had given one dose to her back side. Then next day again fever had  come at night 2:30 am with 104 degree C and given one dose again. Thn next morning we had admitted at hospital and found out Typhoid once again and getting "meropenem'' injection for till 7 days for no of 7. Bt last couple of days fever is not controlling, still coming at afternoon and night with in 100 to 101 degree C. Last day from tomorrow doc suggested one another antibiotic "quinol" for fever drop down but at night she attacked 103 degree of C. I dont know the scientific name of 'quinol'.  Today is 8th day of taking "meropenem'', in this morning what will we do right now? Expertise, plz give me some suggestion...!!!  :-(


sorry for my poor English.