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My baby also had similar problem after having her 2nd dose o Rota Vac. Doctor prescribe her with antibiotic but no improvement. May I know how was your baby being treated for this?


My sister had a similar experience few months ago. After her son had his 4 month immunizations she came home and that night he had a fever of 103 and he had black diarrhea for three days. She has contacted the doctor and took him to her office and she said it was a reaction to the Rotavirus Vaccina . She also tested the stool and found blood in it but she has sent them home.

After few days everything was fine. We were doing some more research and have found out that things like this are happening all the time but the complications can cause severe damage so the best thing is to check with more doctors if you are not sure that yours is doing everything he can. Let us know did you resolve your problem.