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Hey friends - 

Living in NYC and I recently graduated from college - healthcare from my new job doesn't kick in for about 10 days. 

I am in a different city as my family doctor, and while I was in college I saw the school health center (who won't see me any more since I am an alum).

Basically, I think I might have strep. I've had an on and off sore throat for about 3 weeks, and it really flares up in this one spot. It feels almost like there is a little bump or something and the pain is radiating out from there. 

I was fine this weekend and the beginning of the week, then on Wednesday morning, I woke up with a crazy sore throat and a bit of a foggy type headache. I took some allergy meds and drank about 20 different "soothing" concoctions. 

Last night I took Nyquill and this morning I took Dayquill. I feel like I might have a mild fever and I've already had to take some tylenol today. 

I am fine to suck it up and stick it out if this is just a sore throat, but if this is strep, I know that I need to get antibiotics asap or else it could cause something more serious. 

It's thursday and I've already made an apt for Monday April 2nd with a doctor, but I don't know what to do if this thing gets out of hand and I need medial attention before that. 

Any suggestions???? 




If the school health center won't see you, then try going to a walk in urgent care medical center near you. They usually take all insurances just like hospitals do, only you're not waiting 4-5 hours just to be seen! What they are going to prescribe you is Azithromycin antibiotic for the strep. It's usually a 5 day dosage that keeps working 6-10 days after your last dose. 
I know this because I'm on it right now LOL I was diagnose with strep and bronchitis. I do not have the same pain you described, I learned that strep sometimes isn't noticed. However, I have had a temperature from it. Watch yourself on that. Anything 103 degrees or higher is a visit to the ER for a couple of days!
We all know that strep is like the plague... It is airborne and highly contagious!!  No caffine or alcohol!! Both can dehydrate you! Hope this helps you! Good luck and feel better soon!! 


Problem is I don't have healthcare!

What does one without healthcare do about this!?