My husband has had non-Hodgkins lymphoma for 8 years now. He was first treated with Rutixin, later when chemo (CHOP), then Rituxin again. He has ongoing gammaglobulin infusions (every 3 wks) to boost his immune system. In the past, occasionally, he would have fevers about twice a year. Recently (in the last year), they have increased in frequency to about once a month. The last one he had was 3 wks ago. Then last night, he had one that was the worst ever. His fever went up to 104 and he started throwing up. He was shivering and shaking as usual, but this time, his eyes were rolling back in his head, he was moaning and was incoherrent. I was about to call 911, when it finally started coming down. His oncologist claims his cancer is in "remission" and the fevers are not related. I have a hard time believing this because I read a lot about lymphoma and everthing I read says that fevers, night sweats and fatigue are all part of lymphoma, so how can he possibly be in remission???? My husband trusts thsi doctor and refuses to get a second opinionm so we're stuck with him. My question, I guess is: Does the change in frequency of the fevers mean the cancer is spreading or getting worse? Does this mean he doesn't have long to live now? He was diagnosed 8 years ago; he's been sick a long time. The dr gives us no clue about what to expect with this disease. All I know is what I can learn myself from reading.