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Hi, I live in Australia and have just had my tonsils out. I'm female and almost 31 years old. Just writing this because reading everyone else's blog on the internet helped me SO MUCH that I thought I would also contribute. This is not something hat anyone should go into unprepared.
Sorry in advance for any spelling errors I am on medication :-)

I have gotten more sick with sore throats than anyone I know for as long as I can remember. I’d just get given antibiotics and sent home. Most winters I was sick most of the time and would even get sick in summer. I then discovered tonsillitis and also learnt I had it. From then I kept track. This year I got sick at the start of March with tonsillitis and had a sore throat on and off every 2 weeks, and when it wasn’t full blown it was still a bit sore and always a bit swollen. Every time it was worse until my antibiotics did not do anything anymore and I had to get much stronger ones. I made an appointment to see a specialist which I waited a month for. He diagnosed me with chronic tonsillitis late August and said I am always infected which also means I have about 40% of the energy of a normal person. I could either be on constant antibiotics or get my tonsils out. So I booked in to get them out at the start of November. I’d never had an operation and had been to hospital only when I was little but it was for some full on things: meningitis, pneumonia, concussion of the brain so have had my share of scary. I was still very scared about this! It was always something “in the future” so I could not believe when my preparation weekend finally came.



I cleaned my whole house and did all my laundry. Took my dogs to my sister’s and went shopping. I bought:
- Chicken soup ingredients and made very mild chicken soup. By mild I mean only a small spoon of Vegeta vegetable seasoning, chicken drumsticks, peeled carrots, a parsnip, an onion and half a celery with only the light green leaves. [This soup was the most useful food I prepared]
Ready made custard [Felt extremely good going down throat but it is dairy]
Pudding powder
Eggs for scrambled eggs
Soft white bread [Did not eat it, too scared]
Goulburn Valley fruit snacks (mushed apple with mixed berry etc)
Jelly with fruits in it
Canned peaches
Canned pears
Dairy Free sorbet ice creamy stuff as you should not have any dairy due to dairy creating a lining in your throat and increasing chances of infection and also producing mucus [This was awesome]
Potatoes for mashed potatoes [Also very good when heavily medicated]
Powdered mashed potatoes in case I can’t be bothered cooking
Pumpkin for pumpkin mush
Water bottle with nozzle [Must have, so it can lie next to your head in bed]
Huge water jug with a built in water nozzle on a chair next to my bed
Gatorade and Gatorade powder
Ready made iced tea
A lot of toilet paper seeing as you have to drink all the time and I can’t see myself shopping
Tissues [Lots of tissues for spitting out saliva]
All the codeine I could buy over the counter and some anti-inflammatory tablets without ibuprofen as I have read ibuprofen can be bad in thinning out blood or something like that. I got Voltaren, but the doctor ended up prescribing me some steroids for anti-inflammatory purposes anyway (Prednisolone)
Wet-Ones, Nivea face wipes and those flushable wipes for your private bits in case I can’t wash!!

Also prepared a bin next to my bed for all the tissues and what not.


Operation Day: (Wednesday)

I had to fast from 8am. My operation was at 3pm. I didn’t get too hungry because I was nervous I think.

Checked into hospital at 11am. At around 1pm they gave me a 2 Panadols (for what? Ha those do nothing for me), something to dry out my throat and a sleeping pill. So I calmed down after that and was pretty woozy.

I got a menu for dinner and I asked whether I was seriously expected to eat dinner, the nurse said yes of course should be fine. I was not convinced. So I got wheeled into the theatre waiting room for a while then into theatre.

I got a big long needle stuck into the back of my hand, and then restuck in further, which hurt. I was then immediately told I am getting the anaesthetic injected into it. I felt a weird feeling in my arm and not a second later felt a really odd medical/metallic taste in my mouth. It was taking over me lighting fast and all I managed to say was “This is weird” as a nurse advised me she was attaching some round monitoring thing to my chest. Then I was out.

I woke up in recovery apparently half an hour to an hour later. I was in a lot of pain, and very out of it. I told the nurses with my fingers it was 7 out of 10 pain, 10 being unbearable and they gave me morphine in my drip. The pain went to 6, they gave me more. Then 5, they gave me more, then 3 and they were happy with that. I felt very dizzy, hot and was sweating a lot. The idea of being wheeled halfway across the hospital made me want to throw up and they gave me a couple of different anti nausea drugs, as I wasn’t getting better.

I got as much of that anti-nausea and morphine as I could get and still was really sick, almost threw up but didn’t I had the throw up pan ready in my chest. I also had trouble breathing out but was too confused to work this out. I somehow communicated I had trouble breathing and was given the little oxygen tube which seemed to help. I was in recovery like this for 5 hours I’m told but it really didn’t feel that long.


Operation night: (Wednesday night):

I was staying in hospital overnight. When I was finally back in my hospital room late evening I felt a bit more of what was going on with my throat. It felt like the sides of the back of my throat was sort of solidified and hard. It felt very wrong. I had read you’re supposed to drink but was told I am not allowed to yet. I was still on a drip but did not need to go to the bathroom. I doubt I could have got up. I was told I was as white as my sheets, was still sweating and feeling hot. I started to throw up but nothing came up and I was only dry reaching. Thank god I was on morphine when this was happening!

The breathing problem was still occurring and what it was, was that when I went to breathe out, my throat closed up mainly due to my tongue somehow. It was a horrible feeling and I could only breathe out by opening my mouth and concentrating. I did not lie flat, my head had to be elevated due to stuff probably needing to roll down my throat and this breathing issue. The nurse asked me if I was still in pain, and I was. She said they’ve given me as much morphine as possible and she would give me more as soon as she could.

My parents told me Obama won the election and after that I was out again. I slept with the oxygen tube in, throw up pan on my chest and a cool towelette in my forehead. I kept being woken up throughout the night to get my temp and blood pressure taken a few times, but each time fell back to sleep right away. Because of the constant waking up it felt like a really long night.


Day One: (Thursday)

I figure out to help the breathing I had to be more upright, or could be a bit lower down but have my head on the side. I coughed up some bloody gunk in the morning, helps to have tissues for this.

My surgeon came in and said everything was ok around 7:30 in the morning. My tonsils were removed without problems and they were very infected. (I didn’t have a sore throat when I went in or even close to hospital time because I took ultra care of myself. They must have really been infected all the time!).

Talking was a problem so either whispered but this induced breathing problems or said nothing at all. Another nurse came and took blood pressure and temp again, took my oxygen off and said I could go to the bathroom. It was hard to walk, my legs felt weak. She said I could drink water now. It was hard to drink, my mouth tasted bad like a gross bad fleshy off taste.

I drank as much as I could but it was a really small amount. The nurse gave me liquid panadeine which took me about 45 mins to drink a third of a cup. I kept diluting it towards the end so it didn’t sting as much.

A while later I got breakfast, scrambled eggs, apple juice and canned fruit. I took a long time to eat but I did it. I could only make small bites with my front teeth. I’d read I had to eat and drink to make it feel better and less painful.

I ate really little pieces that just slid down my throat because to even killed to swallow saliva or water. The pain and rough throat was the worst. The breathing problem was a close second only because it wasn’t constant. I didn’t want to leave hospital. I had things I didn’t have at home like an elevating head bed, oxygen, a drip for hydration without pain! But soon the drip was taken out, I was given and time came to leave. I got dressed and went to get my prescription medicines from the hospital chemist. I could walk and dress myself but still felt very weak.

Panadeine forte
Prednisolone - a steroid for helping with swelling
Keflor CD - antibiotic to avoid infection.

I felt really hot again, and walking around was hard. My mum came home with me in a taxi who we asked to drive really slowly as I have heard someone I know started bleeding during a bumpy drive and had to get his throat cauterized in an emergency room (aaarrrgghh)

I got home and laid on the couch and watched TV. I had ready pillows and blankets. I ate the mashed apple fruit snack, then some custard, which was easier to eat than the mushy apple. Took more panadeine forte, then had chicken soup with crushed up carrots and some of the chicken meat. Then some of the dairy free sorbet and more custard. Everytime I got up to the bathroom or for anything I felt hot and feverish.

Have a comfortable couch with lots of pillows for elevation.
Custard and chicken soup is great.
A writing pad and pen for communication.
Thermometer to keep checking your temperature.


Day Two: (Friday)

I set my alarm to go off in the middle of the night for panadeine forte and some drinking. Wasn’t taking any chances. Slept with my head on the side and a tissue lying in front of my mouth to collect all the saliva which was coming out as I am still not swallowing it. Woke up a few times to wipe it off my face and change tissues.

In the morning my throat hurt a LOT. It was stinging. I felt I had some mucus and stuffed nose but blowing the nose was not possible, felt too much pain coming on. Tried to cough up some dark brown mucus, it was hard to do, had to get some fancy mouth work happening so all the coughing up was done up the middle. Very small bits of dark brown hard stuff came up, I am guessing this was bits of scab but was surprised because I think it's too soon.

Very painful day, still could not talk. Ate jelly and custard. Drank a lot of iced tea, lay all day with an ice pack on my throat and tried to cough up more mucus in strange positions like bending over as far forward as possible so it comes out easier. Even little burps and hiccups are extremely painful. I took a lot of panadeine forte today. Does not seem to help when swallowing it still hurts as hell. The breathing problem seems to have stopped later this afternoon, where my tongue blocks the throat. Have left a little bit of ear pain, only slight.


Day 3: (Saturday)

Woke up with a stinging pain right away and thougth here it is, what everyone is talking about. I guess he first two days were bearable because the big pain came mainly when swallowing. Now it was there the whole time and Panadeine Forte wasn’t cutting it. I kept spitting all my saliva out into tissues and throwing them into a bucket next to my bed.

This day was a haze of sleeping, waking every 3 to 4 hours to drink and take panadeine forte and had some chicken broth with mushed up carrots. Iced tea was also good and some crushed ice. When I slept the breathing was still a problem so I slept with my head to the side, mouth open and a tissue lying next to my face to collect my saliva again. Just kept waking up and cleaning myself up once in a while.


Day 4: (Sunday)

Unbearable. It was like day 3 except the pain was much much worse. It was there constantly and not only was it stinging, but also hurting as if my neck had been bashed with a baseball bat. Only liquid chicken broth today. After I ate the broth the pain was much worse and I could not help but cry uncontrollably. I knew I would make it hurt more as well as serving no real purpose but I could not help it.

My mum had to call a doctor to come to the house and give me a pain killer injection at 2pm, which he said would last 8 hours. After a while it kicked in and the pain subsided. I do not know what he injected me with. I felt like I was floating in a beautiful ocean as opposed to feeling like my neck had been sliced open, burnt with a blow torch, closed back up and then bashed with said baseball bat.

I kept waking up to make sure I am drinking. I ate some mushed chicken and carrots in my chicken broth. At night we called the doctor again to give me another injection. This time I know it was Tramadol. It was given to me at midnight, 10 hours after the first one. I also got given a sleeping pill and a prescription for more Tramadol in capsule form.


Day 5: (Monday)

I woke up at 4am in same pain as the morning before. I thought oh no now the injection painkiller isn’t even working. What am I gonna do? I drank. Took panadeine forte which was the only other thing I had, and went back to sleep.

My dad came in the morning and picked up the Tramadol prescription. After quite a while it still didn’t do much to take away the pain. He went to see my doctor who prescribed me another pain killer Mersyndol Forte, not much different from panadeine forte in the ingredients, and a drinking solution for "topical anaesthesia of the mouth" called Xylocaine Viscous.

The liquid solution was a god send. It was incredible how much it helped. I have started to feel really weak and dizzy probably from not enough fluid and food. I have had a headache and a stomach ache. I ate some soft white fish, with mash and avocado. It was very painful but I had to do it to try to feel better. I finished it off with some icey sorbet. I’ve kept drinking the solution, and taking pain killer tablets also spread apart, not going more than 3 hours without taking some pain meds and tonight has been so much better. Praying day 6 doesn’t live up to it’s reputation, because so far I have not been on top of the pain but always one step behind. Still only have had very slight ear pain, compared to my throat not even worth mentioning really. Still cannot speak.


I'm glad I've found someone who is going thru this about the same time as I am. I had my tonsills removed last Thursday. I was given the option by my ENT for Tuesday, but it was Election day and I wanted to vote and enjoy the Obama win - so I scheduled it for Thursday.

I'm a 40 year old male who had a tonsillectiomy because of sleep apnea. That's right, my tonsils were completely healthy - they just go in the way of my breathing when I was sleep.

I was released the same day, and once my Meds kicked in - I wa pretty much fine for that day. But I digress.....let me give you a bit of a back story that is playing a major role with my recovery. About two before my surgery I visited my family doctor because I had a lingering cough. He prescribed a 'z - pack' 250 MG Azithromycin a full course of antibiotics therapy in only 5 daily doses.

My cough disappeared and a week later, he would clear me for surgery.

The day of my surgery - my cough returned. Subtle but returned never the less. My ENT was not to concerned with its return or that fact that I was on antibiotics a few weeks prior - he said I should be ok, but would monitor it.

Like I said Thursday was the day I had the surgery. It was ok, I was sore but the pain was manageable with my Hyrocodone. He prescribed my to take it every 6 hours, but I was lasting only 4. 3 1/2 to be exact.

Friday I'm thinking, this isn't so bad. I'm drinking water, my sense of taste isn't gone and again, as long as I stay on my meds....all is right in the world.

Saturday....things start to get interesting. The ear pain starts to come. I massage around my ears, but it only subsides when I chew gum. For people out there who is having ths procedure done. GUM will be your best friend. It servers many purposes. Exercies those muscles, keeps the throat lubercated and takes out the ear pain.

By now, I hadn't had anything more solid than a few solft scrabled eggs for breakfest. Gatoraid (G2) works, but I would develope this film in my mouth....I just stuck with water. And while I'm on the subject of water. You will hear alot of talk on here about the importance of drinking water and other fluids. ITS THE TRUTH. If you want to run a fever, then don't drink water. Simple as that. If you want your throat to hurt worse (if that's possible), then don't drink water. It is perhaps your single most important thing you can do to aid in your recovery. And no matter how much you think you are 'sipping', it's never enough.

On Saturday, I worked up the nerve to look in my throat with a flash light. My God. I let this surgeon do this to me of my own free will? What the hell is wrong with me! It wasn't a pretty site.

So, I'm drinking....gargling (warm salt water), brushing the teeth(softly) and garling with non alcoholic mouth wash(very important), but I notice late that Saturday night - my tongue starts to coat white, the roof of my mouth and the insides of my cheek. And there is pain. I'm not talking your garden variety pain, I'm talking other-worldly pain. Sunday can and if you would have given me the option to rip out my own throat or deal with another 10 minutes of this pain. I would have been throatless.

And the cough, remember that cough I told you about earlier....well, it's now here in a big dog way - spewing up chunks of yellow/green chum. not pleasent. Killing my throat in the process. So at 08:30pm that night, my wife takes me over to ER where I find out - hey, on top of the post surgery hell we all must deal with - I now have Thrush AND Pneumonia! Oh JOY!

They contact my ENT and he prescribes more antibiotics. Antibiotics by the way for those about to get this surgery.......unless you have a predispostion to HIV/Aids, Diabeties, if you take antibiotics prior to surgery. You gonna get the Thrush - and it ain't pleasent.

Monday is by far the worst day. The pain was off the scale. You tell yourself you must drink, but can't. You know what the out come will be if you don' you force yourself with little sips. My taste buds are shot. Grape taste like metal. Beef broth taste like dirt and chicken broth is undiscribable.

I hardly sleep - averaging about 2 hours a day. Have no interest in food - just counting the days.

Tomorrow I visit my ENT to see the extent the Thrush has traveled. Hopefully it's done. I've never wished for scabs more in my life, as nasty as it sounds...I know that battle is almost won once there - but what a trickery - slippery journey.


I am due to have my tonsils out on 19/11.
I suffer or 4 bouts of nasty tonsillitus a year, but having read the above I am seriously reconsidering.

Is it worth it ?


I am due to have my tonsils out in a couple of weeks, but having read the above I am seriously reconsidering.

Is it worth it ?


Hi Marshal,

That's amazing we are going through this hell at almost the same time!
They don't give us the hydrocodone or oxycodone in Australia. I asked for it when I read everyone seems to be on it and it helps but the doc said they only give that to cancer patients when they have a few days to live! So anyway, I had tried but failed.
I had tried chewing gum on the second day but it was too painful so I stopped and haven't tried it since! Still can't open my throat very much. I have tried to open it and look in there but was really glad when I could not open my mouth wide enough to see. Did see that my tongue was completely white like yours, it's gross. Is the white tongue thrush?? Could it be something else??
I have had the sensitivity to sounds since day 3, everything has been really loud.
What I am wondering is about the scabs, I'm wondering whether you can feel them when they are formed. Will I feel them when they come off and will I swallow them, will I cough them up?
These are the questions...


My biggest downfall was not having the right pain killers to begin with. If I were to do this again I would demand to have them all on hand, enough to get me through 2 weeks worth if needed. The worst parts have been when I haven't had a pain killer that was strong enough, and the wait associated with obtaining it, i.e. having someone go get the prescription and picking it up from the chemist. I would also look into the contacts for having a doctor attend your house if you need morphine or something after hours and have that info ready.

Right now, filled up to the nose on painkillers and able to swallow my spit I say it's worth it, because I guess I have now adapted to this, that this is the state I am in, stuck in my bed surrounded by water, pills, tissues, inability to eat (and honestly the hunger isn't really an issue). I can't believe I made it to day 6. From what I have read day 7 could be similar but hopefully after that things start to turn around (although still dreading the potential grossness of the scabs). And the other thing is, I feel *somehow* better in that I see people doing things on TV or in magazines like LIVING and I am actually interested in it! I think packing a suitcase and going somewhere is something I could do once I am over this pain. Before that I was always sick and so low on energy I was never interested in doing anything at all.


I shall continue with the events of today

Day 6: (Tuesday)

Woke up again to the alarm at 4AM, which I now call the fear alarm. Must drink water and take pain killers!! My throat was very sore again. This was really disappointing as last night the Xylocaine solution worked so well. I also had what seemed like heart burn. I drank one dose of Xylocaine solution and went back to sleep.

I got up at 7:00 AM in massive pain again. This was a really bad sign because I can only drink the Xylocaine 3 times a day. I took some pain tablets instead and went to bed.

Next time I woke up it was again massive pain. I drank another dose of Xylocaine and now it wasn't even working anymore. My godsend painkiller was doing nothing. The pain was getting worse and I actually didn't want to move..I was paralyzed from the pain. It was the worst pain so far, worse than yesterday because on top of the normal one I would have random really sharp stabbing pain in my throat. I could not drink water and only drank 10 spoons of chicken broth.

I could not take it anymore and got my dad to take me to the medical clinic at around 3PM where they gave me a shot of Morphine for the pain and Moxol to prevent any vomiting, as well as some pills for the heart burn and a stronger prescription for Tramadol (now on 100mg tablets, previously on 50mg). Also got more Panadeine Forte for alternating the drugs. When the morphine kicked in it was heaven. Still felt some pain but *nothing* like earlier in the morning. I could actually eat some mushed chicken and carrot in my broth. And for dinner I had scrambled eggs and pumpkin soup. I have not let up on pain killers, taking something or other every 2-3 hours and the rest of the afternoon and night have been fine.

I have set my night alarm to earlier now, I will get up every couple of hours and drink and take pills if needed. Praying I don't wake up in the same pain as this morning. It's worth it not sleeping and drinking all the time to prevent today from reoccurring again.


It's Tuesday - post op day # 5.

Last night was pretty rough. My wife ended up calling my ENT later that night because she saw that I was in so much pain. I had to use every trick in the book to get the pain under control, but it finally subsided around 8pm EST last night.

I too Agapolish have noticed that loud sounds - particulary the screams little girls under 6 can make when excited. It drives straight thru my ear drum, down the ridge of my jaw to the roots of my teeth. Very uncomfortble.

Be thankful Agapolish you live in a country that doctors still make house calls - that pretty much left this country decades ago. I sure could have used one last night.

As far as the thrush appearance you might have in your mouth - it's worth getting it checked out. Let me ask you, does your tongue burn? When you scrape the white coating away does your tongue reveal little red bumps?

I had a follow up with my ENT today and he says my recovery is being slowed up because of the Thrush. He also doesn't want to prescribe more antibiotics because it was antibiotics that got me here in the first place.

He just wants to continue on with my current meds but pay closer attention to oral hygene. He want me to chew a baking soda based gum(I didn't think there was such a thing) instead of what I'm chewing now, and to gargle, gargle gargle - in addition to my normal twice a day brushing.

He also suggested that I sit over a steaming hot bowel/pot of water with a little salt in for the my chest congestion.

One positive thing - I slept in my bed for the first time (about 2 hours). That is until the pain woke me up. I don't need to set an alarm, every 3 1/2 hours it reminds me.

plivez - is a tonsillectomy worth it? I think if you look to hind-sight that answer will pretty much reveal itself to you. Whatever is leading you to the decision to have this proceedure a about a month of potential HELL worth a life time of discomfort? That is the bigger question.

In my case, I took the pain. It is difficult. I will not lie to you. You can read a 100,000,000 post on here - most with different experiences but there is but one single common denomiator that we all share. There will be pain - and plenty of it.

Agapolish and I are worlds apart seperated by the proceedure about 2 days 16 hours (somewhere around that). Our journey is in real time.

There is one other truth about this's going to get worse before it gets better. We have all heard the horror stories about the dreaded scabs. Your only precaution - drink - drink - drink.

I'm not there yet. It's going to be interesting.