I am 25 and have no more than 2 periods a year, needless to say I am very irregular. My periods usually last about 3-5 days and are about an average flow. I had my little friend on July1st and ended July 5th, but on July 14th I began to experience some very mild and dull cramping. On July 15th I noticed a very thick and brownish red discharge that lasted about 3 hours and stopped. I have never experienced brownish red discharge, except at the end of my period, but never a day after, or even 10 as it was this month. I am sexually active, but exclusively with my husband and not protected. I did not have intercouse during or before the discharge happened. The mild and dull discomfort has not gone away. I've tried to research this symtom but have had alot of mixed answers. If anybody has an idea, please I'm eagerly waiting