Hello Everyone,


I have been reading all of your posts and I really can appreciate everyones advice and questions.  Here is my situation: 34, husband 37, we have had every test under the sun.. he is perfectly healthy (actually has a very high count) and I too, am healthy with no issues.. My Dr. though clomid could just "boost me"  because my husband is gone for work often and so that tends to cut our chances.. So, this month I did my first round of clomid 50 mg, day 3-7. 

I had the SO many side effects.. fatigue, moodiness, headaches but the worst was the pain.. extreme blurred pain.. most days I could only shuffle around in a robe (thank goodness I am self employed) and wore leggings for days.. (Only thing I could wear).. I had an ultra sound to read my follicles and I had 3 eggs measure 14 mm, 16.5mm and a whopping 28.5 mm on my left side (right side was normal), NO WONDER I was in massive pain.. that night after the ultra sound I almost had my husband take me to the ER for the extreme pain which I believe was ovulating that enormous egg..  the pain subsided the next day.. but I have had some form of cramping, lower back pain, hip pain, or knee aches since.. (never experienced this before).  The following week I had blood work and it said my progesterone was completely normal and that meant I ovulated.  My husband and I had tried 7 times during those 11 days as worked up by my Dr..   Since the massive pain (I think ovulation) The cramping comes and goes sometimes lasts an entire evening, sometimes 1-2 minutes.. I also have had an increase in white cm, occasional headache, slight moodiness, occasional food aversions or odd cravings.. I was nauseous two times at night.. and when 9 PM hits, I am exhausted (usually not the case) but I am wide awake at 5-6 AM everyday (also unusual).. I have also been bloated and had 2 days of constipation (again, never had that problem either).. So, I have tested 3 times now and all negative.. 

I am due to test tomorrow according to my "plan" the doctor worked up for me.. I tested this AM (I use all the expensive tests like First Response and Clear BE, etc.) and again, negative.. my husband thinks I am because I have not been myself for weeks.. and I have never had 12 days straight of on-off cramping before..or lower back pain..  ever.  So, I do not know if this is normal.. if clomid has given me these symptoms, if I am pregnant or not :(  It is frustrating as I was hoping to be pregnant for the Holidays.. I am hesitant to put myself through another round of clomid.. that was the worst pain I have ever felt ever.. however, we are more than ready to start our family.  So, I am willing to go through it another month or two if need be.. Anyone else have awful, painful side effects? Anyone else have similar symptoms and ended up pregnant? I should have done a blood test this week to save the anxiety.. I am taking organic, whole food, non GMO prenatals and have cut my coffee intake by half.. I am drinking more water and rest more.. but would like to just KNOW.  I would love to hear from those with similar experiences.. I just cannot believe that I would have all of these cramps and symptoms for this long and it only be side effects of clomid..  thoughts?  Thank you!