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I have been searching the boards and have not yet found a post that describes my situation.

So, marching through my embarrassment, I will ask my qustion and hopefully someone will be able to give me some possible answers.

On my labia minora I get bumps. They are like cysts or blood blisters. They swell until they "pop" Sometimes it is like a zit. Sometimes it is more like a cysts or blood blister (like I mentioned) and the fluid is puss and blood. When it is this way, then it doesn't "heal" right away but rather bleeds everytime I wipe.

I read someone else's post that explained it is possible to get zit-like things there. So I wonder if these are two different things (the zit like thing and the blood-blister type thing) And what the second thing could be.
Also, if I try to "pop" it before it is ready, it just gets very sore. So I have to let it swell until it pretty must pops on it's own or when I wipe.

It has been many years since I have been tested for any STDs. However I am married and to my knowledge he has been faithful and I know that I have been.

Thanks for any advice or "could be"s you have to offer.



My situation is exactly the same.
I also find that some cysts might have a black solid almost splinter-like thingy at the centre (which to a smaller degree have manifested themselves lower down in my legs). They often take months to surface and/or explode, during which time they tend to flare up then recede.
I mentioned it to my doctor a good 9 years ago, at the age of 34. She shrugged it off. That was my first one.
I've had many more painful ones since. I've also had lumps appearing on my scalp and swelling of that unnamed bone at the base of your neck. May be unrelated -- or not.
Seems no else has this problem?


I had to reply to this since a couple people seem to be going through the same thing I am. I have had these blood blisters on my labia minora for years. The one time I had them looked at, the doctor said they were probably from stress or an allergy or bartholinitis. These started occurring after I was married to a horribly abusive person and was in a constant state of terror and bodily stress. After leaving my ex-husband, I had myself tested for everything under the sun, several times, since I found out he was not faithful. I was quite overweight during that time as well - at about 250 lbs. Since leaving him, I dropped 125 pounds, wasn't stressed (despite raising two small girls on my own) and stopped having the blisters. I didn't have one for years. Recently, I have been having problems with my ex-husband again and being a full-time college student - I am stressed out again. Guess what? My little blisters came back. I currently have two of them. I seem to keep getting them every couple of weeks, but between trying to maintain my scholarships and my ex taking me to court (let's not even get into the thousands of dollars paid to attorneys), I'm not surprised. What is bothering me though is that they aren't going away completely like the used to. Now when the swell to a point where they pop on their own (mine also don't pop until they're ready), they pop and there is a copious amount of blood, sometimes a little p***y-looking drainage as well, but mostly blood, but they don't seem to drain completely and they wind up coming back a couple weeks later. It's driving me nuts and a few days ago one of my inguinal lymph nodes got swollen and tender. I know my body is fighting an infection and I'm going to go to my gyno. I'll let you all know what I find out. Also, if you have any kind of worries or family history of cancer, don't wait for my response, get to a gynocologist and have yourself examined. My mom had ovarian cancer, stage IV and survived - because she went for a second opinion. Stay healthy ladies.


I went to my doctor for same and she told me it was an infected gland i.e. Bartholin cyst. I have two trouble areas - inside of labia near clitoris and at perineum. All the same symptoms as listed above, no history of stds, married with partner of six years. Mine appear to be stress onset and I'm always vulnerable at menstruation. In this case, I was travelling, fighting the flu and menstruating. My doctor recommended warm compresses, bath with salt, treating with witch hazel to calm the area. I go back to see her in a week or so because I got pneumonia from my flu and will check up on the cyst at that point.

Best recommendation: go to your doctor.... ask lots of questions. Never assume. If you're proactive, you can enjoy peace of mind which = less stress, more health!


I am also experiencing small to medium sized bumps on the area near the clitoris and vaginal opening between where the labia minora and major meet. Over the last 3 weeks I have had about 1 bump at a time. It starts out sort of hard and then becomes bigger (but not blister like) over a few days. They seem to burst especially after a hot shower since the bump seems to become softer and contain more liquid like substance (thin pus looking small amount of drainage) After it bursts, it is difficult to tell where the bump has been, but feels irritated for a few days.
I had one of these several years ago that actually scarred into a skin tag like material on the labia minora. Now my husband and I have decided to conceive and I went off of birth control just over a month ago. The bumps seemed to start near my period and have continued 2 more times since then.
My OB took a look at the 2nd one I got and called it a sebaceous cyst. She has not seen the 3 rd one since it just developed and burst in the last 2 days. I really hope this is a temporary problem, since bumps in this area just seem concerning and the minor discomfort is not all that pleasant.
Does anyone else get these with hormonal shifts?


I am somewhat relieved that I am not the only one with this issue, and tho the person who said it sounds like herpes, I disagree. I had my first bump on the crease in between my labia minora and majora near the clitoris, when I was 9. I am now 31, and have maybe had 20 in that timespan. I've been tested regularly for STD's and I've gone for years where there are none. I'm starting to think it's because of stress, or soap reactions, or lately I think it's because my lady-parts need attention! This seems to happen most when I don't have any sexual activity. I find putting a natural treatment, like tea tree oil on it helps speed the healing, and gives peace of mind that it is kept clean and hopefully not spreading any of the pus to create more sores. Don't pinch at them. Just like your face, the sores may spread. Keep as good care of it as you can, and that's all you can really do. If the doc doesn't find abnormality with it, just keep it clean. Sounds silly, but it works to "send it loving thoughts".


i'm having a similar problem to all of you ladies.
I developed a 'bump' and i noticed it the first time just over a week ago, it was no bigger than a pea, near the clitoris, it wasn't painful or uncomfortable at that point. since i first noticed it, the past 2-3 days especially it has tripled in size, and today it is extremely irritated and offers a good bit of discomfort when i either directly wipe it or when i was doing my morning exercises and spread my legs to stretch...
I came here just to get a general idea of what it possibly could be, before i scheduled an appointment with my OB doctor whos practice is now almost an hour away.
I was tested for STD's one and a half years ago, and come up perfectly clean, and i havent had intercourse in nearly three years now, so that is not my worry. I hadn't even started to worry about it till it started to cause a bit of pain lastnight and this morning.

Thank you ladies for sharing your problems and advice with me and others, nothing to be embarassed about, if you don't ask yourself, no ones going to ask the right questions for you right? And if the right questions arent asked then the right answers or advice wont be given.


It's so reassuring to hear that other women get these. I've been dealing with them since my early 20s and I'm now 44 and I've had them checked out by doctors who tell me I just have to cope. I seem to get them when I'm stressed, and as I get older they seem more inclined to spread and arrive two at a time. I treat them with a simple over the counter antiseptic cream such as Betadene (iodine based) from the moment they appear and it seems to stop them getting too severe. In the past I've had them swell from the usual pea size to the size of a grape. I also find using arnica cream in extreme cases relieves the pain but also seems to help reduce the inflammation. I'm now going to try tea tree oil as well, as suggested, but any other suggestions, mainly on how to prevent them would be most welcome as they are very uncomfortable.


I want to thank you ladies for this question. Being an ex-nurse I looked up in all my medical books and culd find NOTHING about it. So I turned to the net.
I only get a 'bump' rarely, maybe once a year or years apart but for some reason I have 2 both on the left side, one about middle of the labia minora right on the very edge where of course it rubs and the other is at the junction of the labia minora and perineum at the vaginal opening..
We have been TTC since January 2005 and I hve had 5 losses before 12 wks and it is now 6 mths since the last one so I am running short on time. (I am 43)
The last thing I wanted was another 'bump' never mind two at once!!

I'll look out for the tea tree oil. I do actually pop them with sterile syringe and get the yuk out only this time it has just been blood no pus, but still painful. Not as painful since I popped them though. When I asked my GP about one 6 mths ago (yes it's been a bad eyar for them :-( ) she said to ignore it it goes away on it' own. 6 wks that one stayed for. And that one never came to a 'head' or area I could break.. just stayed a red bump.

Sorry for the novel. It is so nice though to know that others live with them as well.. the untalked about female problem.

thank you


I get these too & the info I am finding about these is not very optimistic.
I keep finding sights regarding Hidradenitis Suppurativa & this sounds like what I might have .
Mine started when I was about 43 ( I am 47 now) my first one was under my breast. I felt a pinching pain one night & it had popped. Blood & clear fluid came out & the area was like a pimple. I put peroxide & neosporin on it & it healed in about a week. I had 4 more after that & then they stopped once I stopped wearing a bra over a year ago. 7 months ago,I got a small pus filled cyst on the inside of my butt crack that burst & has healed completely . Now I have one at the bottom of where the vaginal opening is & to the side a bit. This one has flared twice with a small amount of blood/ pus & has shrunk to a small bump under the skin.
Has anyone else started getting these for the first time in their 40s or with perimenopause ?
Seems like most people start getting them much earlier.


It sounds like cysts, they are small and fluid filled and in most cases painful to the touch. Some need to be drained and oral antibiotics given. Hot baths and compresses ease the discomfort as well. It is caused by a clogged haif follical/sweat gland. If dirt or a foreign matter gets into it it fills with white blood cells, and a liquid and sometimes blood. They can get up to 5cm in size. Depending on the size some times a doctor is needed to surgically "pop" the cysts. Please see your doctor if the home remedies dont help soon. Some can turn to staph.


I am 37 years old and have been experiencing inner labia cysts for about 10 years now which have been getting progressively worse. I have been tested for herpes about six times - results always negative. The doctors that I've been to do not know what it is so they describe it as infected Bartholin's cysts or sebaceous cysts. BUT, the Bartholin glands are located at the entrance to the vaginal canal and my cysts usually crop up near my clitoral hood in the interlabial sulcus. These cysts start out as itchy, hard, subcutaneous, rubbery nodules that will form into painful pustules that will eventually burst on their own. It's a relief to know that I'm not the only one but these cysts are affecting my quality of life - especially my sex life. I need to know what this is as I'm sure many of you do too. I think that many of us might have other symptoms in common, or maybe we've lived in the same city, or something - would any of you be willing to share more information with me? If we can't rely on our doctors to figure this out, then maybe we should take matters into our own hands. Thank you


Thank heavens! I have been wracking my brains trying to find descriptions on websites of this problem! I have even posted my own threads asking for advice and no one ever answers!

I have had this problem a little over a year now. I usually only get one bump but lately it has been two at a time. I started getting them every other month, then every month, then every two weeks, and now it seems almost constant. I'm only 20 years old, and it's very disheartening to think this may be something I just have to deal with.

I have a GYN appointment mid July and I am so depressed about this issue it's destroying my mental health. I came home from work early today because I couldn't stand being there stressing about it.

I was afraid it could be herpes, but I've only ever been with my current boyfriend having unprotected sex, and from what I can tell he does not have herpes, which is what I've been afraid it is. But nothing I find on herpes matches the description even the slightest. Plus, I've given my boyfriend oral several times and I'm sure if I got genital herpes from him, I'd have gotten oral herpes, too. I also remember long long ago when I was about 14 that I got two of these bumps, they cleared up on their own and never came back... not until now anyway.

It is, at least, a bit of a relief to know that there are other women out there experiencing this problem. After I speak to my gyno, I'll be sure to come back and post again.


I'm both pleased and saddened to see that I have so many fellow sufferers of these awful bumps.

I had my first in my late teens and then nothing for several years. After that I had one every couple of years or so until I reached my 39th birthday. That year I had five of them come up one after the other. Sometimes 2 small ones would join into a large painful lump but they would have to burst separately. Mine usually last about 9 or 10 days from beginning to bursting point and then they discharge blood and pus. Often they don't fully discharge and end up flaring up again.

I had one so large that I could barely walk and had to go to bed with flu like symptoms. I made an appointment to see my Doctor and it burst just as I was getting onto his couch. He didn't know what it was and said it would be alright anyway as it had burst! It's not Barholins gland cyst problems because they rarely come up in the same place twice in a row. Sometimes they're close to the clitoris and sometimes half way down the labia or at the bottom.

i have now seen 2 different gynaecologists about them. The first said she thought they were a form of acne but didn't really know and the second advised me to contact the emergency gynae clinic each time I get one so tthat it can be drained and the pus analized so that the appropriate antibiotic can be administered. When I asked if the same antibiotic would be used each time after that he said no - not necessarily - I may need different ones each time I had one. As that will mean constant trips to the hospital for drainage and pus analysys I will only use that as a very final resort because I don't like to take antibiotics unless I absolutely have to.

I'm 49 now and have 2 at present. One I've had for two and a half weeks but thankfully it is getting smaller - it hasn't popped, partly I think that's because I have been using lubricating jel on it whch makes it much less sore and stops rubbing but seems to mean that they don't burst and stay with me longer - albeit with less pain. The other is just beginning and started just with pain and not the usual itching first, pain later routine.

I have found some information from other websites (but not much) where they advised sufferers to drink lots of water, bath freqently and cut down on sugar consumption as sugar seems to make things worse. Also, a lot - though not all of course - of sufferers seem to be overweight (I am myself) and weight loss is said to help.
If I find anything else I'll come back and let you know.

Good luck and good health to you all.


I have had this problem for some time. Years ago (+10) I started getting these bumps and blisters in my labia minora and labia majora.
I was a virgin.
A couple of weeks ago, again, I got a small blister in my labia minora. I am now married, but both my husband and I were virgins when we got married. We do not engage in extramarital sex. Right after I got my period, my vagina started feeling sore and very very itchy. And, a couple of days later I got this tiny blister and it hurts when I wipe.
I don't understand what this is all about.
There is no smell, no fluid, just itching and that tiny blister.
What could this be?
I'd appreciate some guidance.