I have a white raised bump on my foreskin. It was previously flesh colored but this morning I woke up and It was colored white. The white stuff seems to be the stuff underneath. I had another one of these bumps about 2 inches away from this one but it went away. The white one was painful to touch but the second one didnt hurt to touch at all.
I only have sex with one girl but we don't generally use the condom since shes on the pill. I know for a fact that she was a virgin and the only thing she had done before that was get fingered. Neither of us do drugs or trade blood or cut or anything like that. Im 17 years old as well. Is this just some beneign pimple or is it hpv?
Ive looked around on the internet and I cant tell. Also I would like to go get this checked out but I dont really know where and I dont want to go to my doctor in case my parents find out somehow. I live in the 92647 area code.

It isn't ppp beause its not around the head. It seems to be occuring on random locations on my foreskin. This is the 4th one I've had in 2 years.