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In the UK, Male, 19 yrs old, 6'5, and would probably be described as obese.

For as long as I can remember I've always had to force a little when going to the toilet, even though my stool is pretty much always soft which never really worried me because I'd go regularly at all the same times each day without worry (probably about 3 times a day). It is worth mentioning that I had noticed blood on the toilet paper before from time to time, but in the most minimal amounts, barely a pin prick. I'd asked my parents about it and showed them and it was passed off as normal (they said they both get the same thing occasionally).

About a month ago now I experienced a bright red bleed on the toilet paper in a large amount (nothing on or in the stool, or toilet), almost like a nosebleed in quantity. This severely stressed me out and panicked me. Over the course of a few days I built up the courage to tell my parents about it because the worry was effecting my sleep (waking up early), I'd become restless, I wasn't eating properly, I was bloated and my trips to the toilet were all over the place with all kinds of shapes, the most dominant being flat broken up stool. I'd even started getting stomach cramps. We booked a doctors appointment the next day and I explained everything to her, she suggested that it was probably a fissure and definitely nothing to worry about.

The next day I again had the same bleeding (this was the second time in a week), which of course with anxiety setting in it made me exceptionally worried and I began to shiver with almost flu like symptoms. I went straight to the hospital this time seeing both a nurse and doctor and they both reaffirmed what my GP (general practitioner) had said. The doctor checked for blood by inserting a well lubricated finger just to be safe and nothing was present.

By this point the worry had already set in and I had become looking for answers on the net with everywhere wanting to suggest cancer. This only heightened my fears... I'd become so worried that I booked an emergency appointment with the areas best GP who is widely regarded as the best around and appointments are hard to come across with him. I explained everything to him, from the initial findings of blood all the way down to finding it difficult to eat my usual amount. This time he did a full exam with both fingers and a little camera to see the first couple of inches inside my rectum. He said there was definite evidence of a fissure which would explain the blood, but he couldn't see any evidence of piles, etc.

He prescribed me something for the anxiety which he suggested had caused the flu like symptoms without a fever, the shaking the restlessness etc. And suggested that my anxiety had probably caused me to get IBS which he said would explain my stools being all over the place (mainly in the mornings), the difference in textures, the cramps and loss of appetite. He said to be safe that he'd send me for some blood tests and that he'd see me again for the results.

Well the tablet were for 5 days and seemed to lower my anxiety somewhat. Although I wouldn't say I was worry free but the urges to go to the toilet were still there and I'd now begun to pass mucus instead of stools every now and again. (kind of watery, sometimes brown from feces obviously).

When I went back to him for the blood results he said that everything was normal. There was nothing wrong with the protein in the blood which he said there is usually signs of something when a tumour is present, he said that my liver and kidneys were working perfectly, no signs of anemia I presume, everything was fine. The only thing slightly up was my sugar levels but he believes that is because of my weight. He said that this makes him feel more confident of my main problem being IBS now and that I should work on my anxiety to try and cure the IBS. He then said that I should go back in a few weeks if things continued but he booked a phone consultation to see how things were going.

Well after this my appetite seemed to return somewhat, not perfectly but my intake was increasing again and I was eating pretty much whatever I wanted. The bloating also seemed to reduce after I started taking some probiotics.

The last few days though things seem to have worsened again, I can feel the anxiety returning, and my appetite has gone again. My bowel movements are still all over the place, and the urge to go sometimes results in nothing happening. If something does it's either a bit of mucus, or wind after the first few bowel movements of the day. I also feel tired probably due to waking up early all the time and fatigued.

Basically my main symptoms now are:

Lack of appetite. (comes and goes) been having trouble eating meat for the last two days, it made me sick yesterday.

random stools. Sometimes watery, differing in sizes but mainly very flat and broken up. (no blood) Sometimes it's quite a load, others it's a single small stool, then others it's rabbit droppings.

I can feel bumps on the end of my anus when I force.

Mucus (not bloody at all, occasionally the colour of poo)

urge to go to the toilet even if it is just gas.

occasional dots of blood on the paper (barely a pin prick here and there), mainly after going to the toilet a few times, it's clearly fresh and could be coming from the skin tag I can feel from the fissure.

Sometimes my anus itches, or stings, particularly after a watery stool.

tiredness (waking up early, restless) Fatigue, a little achy.

Right side abdominal pain. Hardly a pain but sensation that comes and goes on the right side away from the belly button. (Don't have it for days then it comes and goes.)

I get shivers, headaches, very ocassional back pain, just below the right flank and I'm always worried about this.

I'm very worried about this, I don't know if it is fissures & piles, IBS, anxiety, cancer or all three but I just seemed to get a little better and now I'm feeling bad again not quite as bad as before but still bad. I haven't had the very bad bleeding for 3 weeks now but everything else seems to be here there and everywhere.

My next GP appointment is 1st of June (when he'll probably send me to a GI specialist I hope) but I feel like I need answers now.


I thought I'd add that there is no history of colon cancer in the family, I can't recall a single case even in distant blood relatives. The only cancer has been lung cancer from smokers in my distant family. My dad has piles and constipation issues and my mum seems to suffer from very mild IBS but apart from that there is no history of anything relating to this.


sorry to double post but can someone help me?


No worries. I'm sorry to hear that you're having a difficult time right now. Typically, when there is blood in the stool (and it doesn't sound like it in your case), the stool actually looks black. It sounds instead like you may have hemorrhoids or fissures because that can cause a bit of bright blood to appear when you wipe. I think you should go back to your GP to see if that's the issue, and also talk about maybe using a stronger anti-anxiety med. Please keep us posted!


HI i think your main issue now is the worrying mate.. honestly you went to all the docs they did way more than the norm tests

you are going to turn into a hypocondiact

you have an anal Fissure which is very common.
you really should not be worried

you should though Watch your weight as that will give you major issues


''hypocondiact''!....Brilliant!! I love it =-'0


Hey RB16113581, I'm someone that's been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I think the main culprit here is the anxiety. Which is fine. It's ok to have anxiety, but the challenge is to not let it spiral out of control.

I had an episode myself about 7-8 years ago, I was 21-22 at the time but I had tricked myself into thinking I had contracted HIV. It wasn't just, "oh let me check with my doctor first," no, instead I was researching symptoms and cases of HIV. I had a persistent cough, rashes, strange fevers, and so i went as far to look up how people live with HIV and various treatments. I ultimately got $900 worth of blood tests (my insurance covered $700 so I had to pay $200 out of pocket, U-S-A!!!!) and they came back negative. I laugh about it now and share the story as this "crazy thing I did when I was young." However, at the time my physical health had noticeably declined as a result of the constant anxiety I was feeling day in and day out. I had no appetite, I was thinning and pale. I struggled to keep food down, my sleep schedule was all over the place; see, much like your concerns over cancer, I wasnt just "concerned" I had HIV I was walking around "convinced" I had HIV. My physiological response was to the thoughts I had that I was HIV positive. And I was living life, depressed and overwhelmed, like I was already diagnosed with HIV. My struggle at the time was a challenge because I focused on the perception and worry about HIV, and spent ZERO time treating the anxiety. And it was the anxiety that was robbing me of my well being, not the Phantom disease i thought I had.

I hope since the time of your original post you're feeling better. But I would examine the feelings you had and the impact believing you had cancer had on your life. And know that you're susceptible to letting anxiety take the wheel. And I'm not judging, and I hope you don't feel judged, Im just speaking as someone that recognized that in himself. The trick is to rethink anxiety. Anxiety is the bodies way to prepare for danger. So if you're anxious about having cancer, know you should have anxiety about cancer because cancer is dangerous. So its normal to feel overehelmed about that. But if you're told there is no cancer; defer to the experts, and believe what they tell you. Avoid over researching on the Internet so you don't work yourself up.

I'll end by telling you I had another episode when I was 25. that time i was sure I had herpes. Went to the doctors, got tested, and results were negative. But for a short time I was once again convinced that I had an incurable disease. So be aware that these things will come and go. See the doctor if you feel like something is wrong, but before you believe something is actually wrong, wait to hear from your doctor. And tell yourself that you have done everything you can for the time being while you wait for the results.