I'm a seveteen year old with a problem,

For the last week I've had headaches almost about non-stop.
It would last about 30mins-1 hour, sometimes even all day, than it'll go away, but than it
would soon come back. Sometimes it doesn't go away.
I have taken pills for headaches, and even long naps, but once
I wake back up and I still have my headache. Even while I
sleep I can still experience the pain.

My headache is accompanyed by fever, nausea, dirrehea, dizzyness, tired all the time,
can't walk straight, and my eyes are always restless.
I'd be hungry, but for some reason I would lose my appeite.
I always feel like sleeping because it's so bad. Before I had
my headaches I had experienced itchy skin all over my body, like bugs
were crawling under it. But I think it's unrelated.

I don't have a sore thorat and I can breath find through my nose.
I don't have a cough either.

Sometimes I will expereince temperaily dull numbness in my fingertips.

I do have asthma, so I am a bit concerned that it may be
triggered by a headache. Since anything can trigger asthma.

I havn't experinced any kind of problems in my current daily life,
so I doubt it's stress.

I'm only seventeen and I feel like I'm breaking apart.
What the heck is wrong with me?