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i posted this in the ENT section as well, but thought since I have such constant headaches I would post here as well. any help is greatly appreciated..
so i first started noticing headaches around my eyes late last year. they came and went. it should also be noted that around november i started getting allergy shots. then at the end of january it spread to the area by nose. i went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a sinus infection. went on a round of antibiotics, did nothing. headaches got worse and i had bad veritgo as well. tried a second antibiotic. got better for about a week. felt the pressure in my forehead coming back. went on that antibiotic for another round. then i started getting symptoms like stuffy nose, sore throat, headache moving to temples and ear area, headache being only on one side then moving only to the other. went on a my fourth round (and third kind) of antibiotics with a steroid. i ended the steroid a few days ago and the antibiotic today but i still have a form of a headache every day. what's weird is how the headache has moved, lessened in one area, only to get worse in another. i had a ct scan of the sinuses last week that came back normal, have had normal eye exams (except for a slight astigmatism--was given glasses with the littlest perscription, basically nothing). i'm thinking that maybe i had such a bad sinus infection that it's taking a long time to go away but having a headache every day is making me crazy. i also feel pressure in my forehead and like tension.. last week when my headaches were mostly on the left the left side felt like i had novocaine wearing off and it felt swelled even though it technically wasn't. that has since gone away but the headache in my temples and forehead persists. i'm trying to tell myself that if it was anything really bad it wouldn't move around so much or get better than worse than better but who knows. i'm thinking of moving up my neuro appt instead of seeing an ENT. any ideas? thank you.


Sinus infection can cause a headache. You may have symptoms of a migraine headache. However, if the headache persists, it is time to see a neurologist.