I was pulling out of the fridge while putting groceries away and hit the back of my head on the freezer door. This was about 10 days ago (on July 12th) I don't think I hit it very hard, hard enough to shout ouch but I didn't black out or anything. I did feel slightly nauseous for a bit that night and had a headache but it went away after a day. I noticed my neck got a little stiff but I also have on and off neck stiffness and tension headaches from a neck sprain last year that has become a chronic condition. I haven't had any tingling in the arms or weakness in the limbs but a few days ago I started getting some mild headaches on and off and I've been having dizzy spells. The problem with me trying to identify it is that I went swimming and have had some neck pain from working the muscles so I can't tell if the the dizziness and headaches are from my preexisting condition (dizziness was an issue for a short time but went away) or if it's from hitting my head. Also, I should add in that on May 11th I fainted (dehydration the morning after a night of binge drinking) and hit my head and the ER said I had a mild concussion/head injury. They did a CT scan and there was no damage or bleeding. What I'm getting as is I know it's not good to hit your head over and over and I'm trying to figure out if I should be worried about bleeding in my brain. I plan on making an appointment with my doctor but we're military and they tend to push appointments weeks away from when you actually call so I'm trying to decide if I should just head to the ER again. Any answers would be helpful, thanks.