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sir, i am from madurai. for the past 10 days and above i had the itches and by red flamming in my understromec. in the begininng period, the only itches is normal. but now it is abnormal. and also that skins' colour has been changed to some black with some pimples. i had a doubt regarding that , whether it is skin cancer or some other decease?if anything else, is it possible to cure it?

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Hello rajsiva,

You may be having an allergic reaction.  For the moment try to keep the clean by washing with some antibacterial soap.  You may need to get some antihistamine cream to apply to the affected area.  If it isn't an allergic response then it could be a bacterial infection.  In which case you will need some antibiotic cream.  All of these things are available over the counter even in grocery stores.  If this doesn't do the trick then you will need to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.  Have you worn any new clothing lately?  Sometimes materials have finsihing chemical in them that can cause reactions.  You might check out your clothing for any mites or other microbes that could be causing your inflammation as well.  Nevertheless, try to keep the area clean as best you can.