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A little while back 6 small bumps appeared directly on the bone on the inside of my ankle. They were very small and in a cluster almost. There were 3 little rows of 2 bumps right next to eachother almost like insect bites. It has been a couple weeks and now the bumps have multiplied in the same spot. I have no idea what it could be ecause if it was a bug I'd think that it would either be dead or like bite a different area of my body. I have no bumps anywhere on the rest of my body. Don't know what it could be.


Hello Rachel,

It's difficult to tell what you have without being able to see them.  It sounds like you might be allergic to something.  Could be poison ivy which can spread or it could be insect bites that you have sensitivity to.  At the moment I would keep the area clean by washing with antibacterial soap.  Use some 70 percent alcohol on them to see if that will dry them up.  The only other thing I can think of is to get some Benadryl cream of ointment and apply that.  If it is an allergic response that might help get rid of it.  You can pick up some Benadryl cream at your local pharmacy.