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Me and my boyfriend are trying to have a baby, so last month I started having pregnancy symptoms like frequent urination, constipation, nauseous, and I also spotted on the first of march. But my period started on the 2nd at first it was dark red but only when I wipe I see it. But I'm still having the symptoms. My boyfriend is also having symptoms too like lower back pains, throwing up, and fatigue. So should I take a pregnancy test or what.?? Help please.!!


You could take a test to make sure you aren't pregnant, I'd say it was unlikely as your period arrived, some months the bleeding can be a bit different and that can be worrying for us but its still a period.

As for your boyfriend having symptoms, I have never heard of that before so whatever he is experiencing won't be anything to do with whether you are pregnant or not. If he is throwing up and tired it sounds more like he has a bug of some sort, if those are the similar sort of symptoms you have too, you may have the same bug. Strangely I find when I am ill, my periods always seem to be lighter with the bleeding.