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Hi I'm 22 years old I've been smoking weed since I Wuz 13 years old but this past friday I had an anxiety n panic attack, i Wuz at the movies with my gf I smoke sum weed before entering the theater n couple minutes later the attack came in,,I've never ever felt this way before wen I would smoke weed n it's been 3days after the attacks n I still feel like anxiety n I cant even eat well anymore,, I went to the hospital that night prescribed me sum medicine but I don't want to feel dependent on the medicine,,,is this gonna go away??? ;( has someone experience sumthing familiar to this???? Plz someone respond


Hello there  ....Let me introduce myself ....Im male 33 years old from Malta and this is my story... First of all welcome to the club , I too have depression symptoms . I was worse before  around 5 years ago when it all started with an obsession on my health.... A few months before 2 persons which were close to me  ( 2 friends of mine  , died with cancer). I was starting to be afraid from this disease and always thinking about it. Then one day I noticed a freckle on my chest and thought that it was a melanoma cancer......and there started my obsession....checking ever corner/website on the internet. Having blood tests, which came back to normal ...but my mind was kept telling me that I was getting sick with cancer. Soon after i had started trouble sleeping, and getting panic attacks. My brain felt full of pressure , dull headaches, speaciness and the most one i hated  depersonalazation my vision wil become distorted and everything arounds me starts to feel unreal!!!.In 2010 I went to made MRI because my dizziness was so intense i couldn't walk straight . Again the doctors found nothing on the scan , It only show some sinus problem which was covering underneath my right eye ( i suffer from hayfever).Panic attacks were so intense . One day during driving on my way to work , my heart started to beat fast and pounding hard in my chest , i started to sweat a lot and was going to faint . Even my breath i was hyperventilating . I was so terrified in that situation , I started to pray to God  ' Please God don't let me die here , im driving !!! ' Take me with you after I will arrive at work..Please please God!!. It was so intense and frightful..I couldnt concentrate at work , at home , everywhere....even during reading...I started having nightmares about death and funerals . Crying spells .......My mind was restless always thinking and repeating the same thing over and over again.....Soon I felt no motivation , no interested in nothing .....nothing gave me pleasure ....I was so down ....That all I wanted is staying in bed and do not go out. I was afraid of going out , thinking about that I will have another panic attack.Then It started to subsided slowly, and it disappeared ....I was taking medications Cipralex which kinda help me a bit .....When I started to feel better I stopped it cold turkey..... I didnt have any withdrawals.....I started to go out more and taking photos and I thought I forgot everything...Lately it came back to me....not so intense but still I can feel some symptoms .....Like feeling tense at times, problems with my vision, low moods ......but at least not so intense...I went back to my doctor and he told me It could be that  u relapsed ure he put me back on cipralex and added Sedoxil with with . Its kind of a booster to boost up the cipralex.... Sometimes I take Ativan fast benzo which acts fast on panic attacks which seems to help a bit....I have lows and ups my dear friend, but at least I accepted my condition ....if u need to as questions just reply to me back and I try to answer if im online:)Hope you will get better, it is a slow process but you will get better,Best regards and Happy new Year,Gilbert