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So me and my boyfriend had sex raw march.19 raw and he came in me 2wice my period was due march.21 So the 21 comes around and my period came on but now its april 22 and my period has not come on yet! me and my boyfriend had sex yesterday and today i had light light pink bleeding and it stopped after 2 hours! So am I pregnant? Could I be pregnant? Is it even possible to get pregnant 2 days before your period is due?


to be honest with you... you can surprisingly get preganant anytime... o.O so that being said... there is a possibility... even though its not common. another fact is that having sex can also be a factor of delaying your period. so if your period is coming late... SEX might be the answer. if you are concern about it just that a hpt (home pregnancy test) and see what it concludes.

:-) Hope I Helped.