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My grandson had this disease process over Christmas was treated and came home and Three weeks late was back in the hospital and treated agin was there only 2 days the second time. He is taking physical therapy and seems to be able to do most thinks that he wants to do but on his last check up he still has no refllexes back at all. How long will this most likely take and if he dosen;t get them back what kind of problems can this lead to. He has sense turned 4 years old


Well, this is what GBS does, it causes temporary paralyses and loss of reflexes.
In order to maintain flexibility and strengthen muscles and help recovery of motion, manual movements of limbs are performed. Most of the patients recover but you can never tell when. It may rake months, even years.

Most of the patient’s recover completely, however around 20% may suffer from persistent disability.
I know it is hard, and words may not be as helpful but you need to be patient. This is a very rare and severe disorder but like I have already said, most of the people manage to recover.

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I hope you grandson gets better soon!