The Researches of the Aberdeen University found that 23 girls under age 13 were given the Pill. The shocking fact is- 2 among them were under age 10.
The study in Archives of Disease in Childhood prompted claims that doctors may be breaking the law.
In Scotland, having sex with a child aged under 13 is classified as statutory rape and in case they are prescribed a Pill, it is expected to be reported to the police or a social worker.
A total of 1,376 under 16 were prescribed the oral contraceptive. The researchers said that the overall rate of it among girls aged 10-16 remained low, despite the medical and social concerns about the sexual health of teenagers. They pointed out that the UK has the highest rate of pregnancy in Western Europe.
A spokesman from the Family Planning Association said: ”This is highly unusual and there may well have been particular reasons why these girls were prescribed the Pill.”
She meant this could include the menstrual problems such as heavy periods and pointed out that the girls could begin having periods at this early age.
The national charity LIFE that if it heard of any doctor, school nurse or family planning clinic giving the Pill to very young girls, it would immediately report to the police.