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There has always been a huge generation gap between parents and their children but as the world progresses scientifically and technically the gap is only getting bigger.

No longer parents know what is best for their children as their views may be outdated. At least some people think so.

A verdict is about to be brought on whether young girls under age of 16 should have abortion without their parents consent or knowledge.

The family planning associations seem to be in favour for this decision as they find parents to be misinformed and have other points of view on contraception use and abortion.

We are only left to see where such decision would lead us.


I think this is a horrible idea... I am 22 and i know if i were going through something like that I would want my mother by my side just for emotional support. idk if the law got passed but this is crazy soon children will never tell their parents anything... I am definately scared to bring children into the world now... how can we expect our children to open up and tell us what is bothering them if they pass laws like these... if my child got pregnant first of all I would be a little mad but then support and love and probably baby sitting would come... I am a pro-life person but I know there are some circumstances in which I would be supportive of abortion. but still i know i am rambling but i think if you are under 16 or hell even under 100 for that matter you need a support system to deal with these things you shouldn't have to face it alone.