Hey, i've never done anything like this before, so please excuse me if im too graphic or gross or anything. :$
Im 17 and have been having sex with my current boyfriend for almost ten months now, we have not been using a condom as i am on the pill.
Recently i have noticed that i am getting white, really gooey and stringy discharge, it also has blobs in it. It's not a huge amount but it's never happened before. I notice it mainly when i wipe and on my underwear. My thinking is that it can't be a STD or anything like that because if it was wouldn't something have happened sooner than this? And wouldn't it have developed to pain or any other symptoms by now?
I don't want to go to the doctors because my mother doesn't know i'm sexually active and i wish it to stay that way, also i am extremely scared/shy about going to the doctors.
I have read several things like this that say that it could just be a normal change in my body or stuff like that, but with those people the circumstances were different.
Please let me know what you think, any advice would be much appriciated.