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I have noticed when I change my 4 month olds diaper that some of his poop is stringy. He is a breast fed baby so the color of his poop is yellow and loose and I know that that is normal. I am just not sure is the stringy poop is normal. He is not uncomfotable or fussy, he is a very happy baby so it doesn't seem to bother him.


First of all congratulations! How was your labour?

My sister is a proud mom of a baby boy who is 6 months old and she is always checking absolutely everything that concerns her baby health. I remember that she was talking about the poop of her baby for a few days last month and the problem was same as yours. The color of the poop was normal and it was loose but she has noticed that sometimes it was stringy so she has made a big deal of it. And her baby was crying more than usual. After bothering her doctor for days she finally got the answer that everything is fine.

So your baby is probably just fine and you are just concerned mother who wants o be sure that everything is fine. But if you are anything like my sister you are going to call your doctor until he confirms that everything is just fine.