Sigh. I don't really know where to start.

My discharge is said to be normal. Changes throughout the month according to my menstrual cycle, sometimes clear and slippery and sometimes thick and white. Of course, it's normal to be stringy, but I'm wondering if it is too much.

I went to the doctor's back in late January. I had blood drawn from my arm and had to do a swab (and it was pretty darn deep so they would have a better chance of finding something if I had anything). It turns out they found nothing wrong with me, but I went back last Tuesday for a follow-up. I got a different doctor (who seemed like she actually knew what the heck she was talking about) and she said that my discharge is normal and it's just not how much I'd expect it to be. She also said, "If if makes you feel any better, I have this problem, too." and she recommended I buy panty liners.

But before she told me that, she asked me if it's, well... itchy and if it hurts while I pee. And I said no, even though I know full well that I SOMETIMES get itchy, but it isn't constant. So now I am worried again if I got something because I get itchy, but then I also think I might only be itchy because I clean myself too much and I accidently cut myself... which maybe be causing all the itchiness and irritated-ness or maybe I have a rash, but is the rash normal? I have eczema, but ehh, I don't know.

And the discharge, ONLY when it it is stringy, smells a bit. And more so if there is a lot there, so I wonder if it shouldn't smell at all or if it's okay.