I have been on birth control for about 7 months, and about 4 weeks ago (when I got my last period), I decided to stop taking my birth control pills because I had noticed that they had been making me really emotional, moody, and almost depressed! I got my last period exactly a month ago today, and I knew that I was probably going to get some irregularity, but now I am very worried! Last week, (3 weeks after stopping my birth control) I had protected sex with my boyfriend on Tuesday and Wednesday, we used condoms every time, but honestly I don't trust condoms! I took plan B Thursday morning BUT we had sex again on Friday (using condoms once again) and now it is Monday afternoon and I have been expecting my period all weekend. Still no period, but I have noticed some light spotting, and I am worried. I know I shouldn't be because we were extremely safe and with all the hormones from plan B plus stopping my regular birth control just last month I know that my cycle might be all over the place and confused right now. I'm just looking for some answers and a peace of mind!