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Hi, I'm 17 years old and started taking a low dose birth control in December because my boyfriend and I never used protection. I was on it for 3 months and became extremely irritable and moody and would cry all the time. All my friends told me I was never like that before birth control and it was the cause and my boyfriend was exhausted and very frustrated. I became so depressed in mid-Febuary that I tried to commit suicide, and after that I decided I needed to get off the hormones. Before I took birth control my periods were always very normal and never off schedule. My mom didn't want me to stop taking it in the middle of the month but I had to for my own safety. A few days later I got my second period that month (which was expected) and my boyfriend and I still had unprotected sex (but successfully pulled out every time). After a week or so of that my moods and thoughts got back to normal and I was no longer suicidal, and my boyfriend and I also decided we needed to get condoms. Now I am about a week late for my period, and I'm very worried. Could it be because I had 2 periods last month or am I pregnant? Help!


Hi Guest,

There is always the possibility that you are pregnant.  The pull-out method is VERY unreliable.  Pre-cum can contain sperm and all it takes is one.

But, you also need time for your period to return to normal.  Having a period after stopping your birth control is normal, it's called "withdrawal bleeding." 

You can always take a home test, 2-3 weeks after you had sex.

Good luck.