Hi thare I just had a gum graft this pastd wed and I was told to pull back my lip back but I pulld mug head down to see and I see all this White stuff on my gum line is it Supposed to to look like that I hope it's healing right it hurts reall bad to talk and the roof of my Mounts it kinBurt's hurts tout most pain full spot was whare they did the gum line I really hope that I won't need the gum graft again I will need it again on ,y right side but I e really hope I won't NeEd it again but I a, scard that it isn't healing right Ibut it feels like its healing right but I am not sure if it is even healing right cuz it's all White stuff over it so I can't see if its even healing right Please let me know if its Normal if the gum line is white