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If anyone has read my blog then you already know that this past summer my new landlord began allowing illegal immigrants to squat in a small section under my apartment. Those immigrants brought along Bed Bugs & Roaches which invaded my apartment. I suffered from a violent reaction to the bites and was taken to the ER several times for treatment. I was concerned because some of my research said that it was possible for insects that feed only on Blood such as Bed Bugs and Mosquito’s to pass on diseases. One of those diseases mentioned was Hepatitis. I will start by saying that almost every year I donated Blood. I have been tested many times for many diseases over the years. I was never diagnosed with any virus or STD. As of about 2 years ago, I am positive that I did not have the Hepatitis Virus. To be candid I will also say that in approximately 4 years, I have not had sexual contact of any kind. I have lived with the same man for almost 10 years now and again I am positive that he has a clean bill of health. I donated blood on December 6th 2008. I was awakened on January 6th 2009 with terrible news from the Blood Bank. I have contracted the Virus Hepatitis C and can no longer be a blood donor. I am very concerned because I have not engaged in ANY activity including sexual contact, needles or in the presence of an infected person. Nothing in my life has changed over the course of the year except for the Bed Bug infestation. I was sick as a child, on many antibiotics for chronic asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. The amount of antibiotics I’ve been on most of my life has caused some damage to my liver. The Hepatitis C Virus directly affects the Liver. Half of the research states that it is not possible to contract the virus from Bed Bugs and the other half states that it is possible if a Bed Bug has ingested a blood meal from someone with the Virus and then bites you as well, the Virus can be transferred. If anyone has any knowledge, if anyone had read any supporting evidence, please contact me. All I know for sure is that last year I was NOT infected and now I am. Having no sexual contact, no dangerous behavior and the fact that I have been unemployed for more than a year now, rarely even leaving my home, I have no idea what could have caused me to become infected.


We have bed bugs and it seems im the one they seem to bite the most. I moved in with my boyfriend few months ago, and since then i  have been bitten repeatly every night. i swoll up badly and itch for weeks. Now im finding im tired all the time!  I cant take it no more and they want 1000 to bomb, i dont have that money  I havent found any blogs to support this symtoms.  If u heard of anything else please let me know   thanks