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This morning I was diagnosed with NGU. I am pretty sure it is Tichomonasis, based on my wifes symptoms. I have no symptoms. I got this by having unprotected sex with a prostitute, which I have done 2 time in the last 90 days, with 2 different prostitutes, both times while I was in China on a buisness trip. My first time I only rubbed my penis on her vagina I did not penetrate her. That was the time I got "Trick"....and did not know it. The second time, I only put my penis inside her and took it out and stopped. My questions is, does the amount of exposure effect my changes of getting HIV. I have not been tested yet for HIV, since it has only been 10 days since my last exposure. I had sex with my wife after the first experience which is when I gave her trick. But I have not had sex with her since my second experience. What I would really like to know is what are my chances of having HIV? I am really scared. Please give me as much information as you can. I can not sleep or eat I am so worried


In my personal opinion, which I have formed through reading different stuff about HIV, I don’t think it is all about the amount of exposure, there are also other factors to consider.

There is a so-called hierarchy of risks of contracting hiv, where unprotected anal or vaginal sex represent a high risk, oral sex with a man, swallowing semen, oral sex on a woman during menstruation, or anal intercourse with a condom, are considered low risk and mutual masturbation, dry kissing, and rubbing, are all no risk situations.

But, all mouth to genital, or genital to genital activities involve some risk.

Straight after an infection, viral load is highest for about six weeks to two months. And the amount of HIV also play a role in chances of transmitting it to another person.

Right after an infected, the virus is very high in the blood for about six weeks to two months. A person with a high viral load is more likely to transmit HIV than a person with a low viral load. Also, if infected person has low amount of hiv but suffers from an std, the chances of passing the virus are bigger.

Anyway, I hope you are ok and that you will play safe next time, if not for your, then for your wife’s sake.