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had an epidoral now i have bad neck pain why? :'(


Hello! What did you have epidurals for? Was it to help you ease the labor or for treating low back pain, sciatica or chronic pain?

Some of the reported side effects when epidurals were used for labor include: dural puncture, hypotension, mild to severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, shivering, convulsions, feelings of emotional detachment, cardiac arrest, respiratory insufficiency, etc. These would be short term side effects and long term would include: neurological complications, backache that could last for weeks or even years, experiencing pins and needles, bladder dysfunction, and even loss of sexual functioning.

There are also risks associated with injecting the medicine like infection or nerve damage that could be caused from direct trauma from the needle, or secondarily from infection or bleeding.

How long have you been feeling this discomfort? As far as I know, epidurals are used to relieve pain not cause one.