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My prostate was over 100 grams that caused extreme health issues with uti's, epidymitus, loss of sleep, loss of weight and has left me out of work for months.  In addition, lingering health issues such as stomach issues are still part of much needed healing. Had the operation on May 1st at OSF Hospital Peoria, IL. which seemed to go well.

Glad that the surgery is over and can pee like a canon, but have not had much improvement with incontinence, even though it's been two weeks.  Any advice or wisdom would be most welcome.  I've been attempting the kegel exercises three sessions a day, but that has not seemed to make any difference.  Generally how long has it taken for bladder control and continence to return.  Thank you and God bless to everyone.


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The first two weeks were the worst. It continually got better. I am 4 months out and I have some leakage but I am now using mini pads (shields) unless I am really active. If I am working around the house I sometimes go back to a moderate pad.