im 20 years old and within the past year i have noticed a few troubling symptoms and recently they seem to have gotten worse. it started with a gradual loss of vision in my right eye and brown particles in my phlegm when i woke up. the next thing i noticed was a swelling near my right temple that at times seemed to go through the muscle and back towards the neck. i have also been experiencing stiffness and soreness of the neck. recently the eye/temple symptoms have spread to the left. the swelling or decreased vision is not as severe, but it seems to be progressing as the other side did. also ive begun to notice that a dull ache is coming from above my jaw, close to the swelling. there have also been minor headaches. i havent seen a doctor because i have no health insurance. i have a history of tobacco use and alcohol consumption. please help. im starting to get scared and dont know what to do