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I recently found out that I have myopia in just the left eye, which can cause problems if I don't treat it. I am uncomfortable about taking glasses for just the one eye though - I am imagining myself with a monocle, and it is not very flattering! :-) Joking aside though, I am hoping there are natural cures available for myopia. Can anyone from this board help?


Eyes are precious body organs and we must take proper care to protect it. But in today’s fast paced work environment we seem to be doing more damage to it than before.

We work late, smoke, and allow foreign particles daily to pass, which is affecting our sense of vision day by day. This is causing various problems like
1. Eye strain.
2. Cataract.
3. Eye soreness and itchiness.
4. Blurred vision.

Natural remedies to eliminate eye problems.

1. Use mustard oil, rose water etc when you feel eyes are strained, or blurred.
2. Have a glass of milk daily every night.
3. Carrots, eggs, broccoli are proved to minimize occurrences of myopia.

• Sources of Vitamin A are Mangoes, Sunflower, carrots, broccoli etc.
• Sources of Vitamin C are lemon, ginger, amla etc
• Sources of Vitamin E are papaya, cabbage, sweet potato etc, which also helps in preventing cataract.

Hope it helps you :)

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