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I am 28 Male. Generally healthy and active. I live in New Delhi, India.

My medical histroy is that I have degenerated dic in my lumbar region of the back.

Following has been happening to me for past 6 months. I have got B-12, Lactate-plasma/TSH/T3/T4 blood test done and came back normal. I have got MRI done and came back normal. I have been tested for sinus/ENT/eye...everyhthing came ok.

Showed to neurophysician and he felt is as migraine..some felt temsion type headache. But not resolved yet.

I used to do McKinsey exercise for my back ache. During the exercize I felt that backside of my head is feeling heavy. I used to stop and rest and feeling will go away.
Sometime this feeling happened when I am not doing excercise too.

One night as I was going to sleep, I felt that something is pressing at the back of my head, I felt my heart beat growing fatser and felt that my right eye is shortening.

After this happened, one day I felt pressure over my right temple and this continued for some days and then I felt heavy headedness. These symptoms used to exaggerate in sunlight.

When the above symtomps were gone in a week's time...I used to feel tighteing of muscels around my head from ear to ear thru backside of head. Sometime right side, sometime left. Some time I felt pressure around my right ear till the jaw...pressure or may also call it stiffness. Like someine is pulling them.

No symptom so far has been permanent in nature.

Then I felt that my neck is sore/stiff. Some irratation feeling starting from my left side of cervical spine and reaching to the top of head and left temple. This also comes and goes.

I felt that something is crawling on my scalp and face. On my cheek, under my right eye.

I felt that my right eye is sore mostly in colder/moist climate.

Sometime the stiffness/mild pain feeling stars from the left temple and goes via left shoulder till the left hand bisceps and my biscep flesh twitches.

I also had twitching of hand fingers. Left toe, etc.

I also feel dull/boring pain in left had and left leg sometimes.

I also felt something crwaling on my left foot and felt warm feeling.

Also above sysmtomes are not permanent in nature.

Recently, I feel jerks as I am just about fall asleep.

I felt nauseated very rarely. Almost not.

Please help.


i have had the same crawling feeling from my eyes to my jaw and down to my neck moving up and down, at a point in a couple circles  and my jaw would clench and have a tingling buzzing feeling at my jaw and i opened my mouth and my tongue was magnetized to the roof of my mouth it was the strangest, and most frightening thing, it happened just a few nights ago, and thing is though a friend had brought over some marijuana, and well nothing has happened like it before, sept i did pass out in the kitchen before it happened and then vomited but its new..