Hi, I am praying some people will share if and when they identify. My life has totally changed since car accident in 2009, and I live in pain,discomfort and depression everyday as the symptoms either effect me from the time I open my eyes till I try and shut them. Through out the night I am wakened wih either pain, tingling or who knows why. Now the test came back negative for everything they tested me for, lome back lastly MS and some Eye Test. My eye test did come back abnormal. So I was told I should go to a hospital 4 states away which is great, but it takes effort on the Doctors side and I guess the effort is lagging.

Anyway I am just going to throw my symtoms out because I normally can't finish, I fall asleep or double visittle o larger areasion.    

Body Pain, lumps/bumps near muscles, some feel like worm shaped. Lately it feels like the painful muscles are rising to service. This pain is widespread not just at trigger points. Vision Change, decreasing at faster pace, Double Vision, delayed eye movements, (failed test), this is becoming worse at faster rate It is very scary as I catch myself totally talking off topic and not making any sense at all. Terrible headaches, presser behind eyes, blood found in stomach, stomach lining thick and enlarged, bloated most of tome, constipation, bowels move maybe 1x week, painful calves"crackling" sound when I move neck, maily heard on right side, irregular heartbeat, anxiety, depression, loss of interest, irritable, memory lose, numbness in hips, nausea yet weight gain, forgetful, knee joint pain, rashy rough skin, twitching and flaring extremties,very strange and scary  tonight stiff neck  So Much To List besides I am seeing Two of Every . For 2 days I have pain in my neck, I do feel a painful nodule on right side, not a gland  about inch from ear towards mouth but not jaw.  Thank you