So i've been getting headaches and pains in my side under my ribs when I breathe. It's been for the past week (since monday) With the headaches it's been to the point to where I can't concentrate. I don't know what to do. I went to my school nurse and asked her about it. She said it may be from menstral problems (ovary pains) but I don't think if it was from my menstral cycle it would be up under my ribs. She gave me the name, the number and the address of a place that does sliding scale so I can see what's wrong under my ribs. But do you have any ideas if this is stress related or could be some kind of disease?? I know it may seem as if i'm freaking out but i'm not. I just want my brain back and to be able to concentrate on my school work. Thanks for your help, It's appriciated.

Kayla 17, FL