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ive got a severe pain in my chest in the middle of my ribs and it hurt to breathe and i have trouble breathing aswell! ive had it for over 4 hours, slowly getting worse .. whats happening to me .. im only 13!
please help me.. :(


Hello there,

It is possible that you have some kind of allergy attack. Did you ever head problems like this before? If you did, then you need to talk to your parents, and discuss with them about this. They need to take you to the doctor to do certain tests, and discover, if this is an allergy attack, on what you are allergic.

After that, you will need to take care of yourself a little bit better, and avoid things that could trigger your allergy.

 I hope that you will resolve your problem soon, and that you are not allergic on tons of things like my sister. She can’t bread when spring starts. Good luck and keep us posted.